Friday, October 28, 2011


Last year Emma won an award at school called the "Dragon Leader Award". It was a year long commitment with various things that we had to do all year long. It was a little intense for Kindergarten.

So I was relieved when they announced this year that the Dragon Leader Award would be given out monthly instead. Every month two students from each class would be invited with their parents to a breakfast ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment of the student.

Macey was chosen for her class. We went to school, ate donuts, and she got a certificate from the principal. I teared up when I saw what her teacher wrote on the certificate -- that she was chosen for working hard and being kind. There's no question that Macey is a rock star when it comes to reading. But I love that her teacher acknowledged her kind heart.


Grammy said...

I love Macey's kind heart also - and look at that face - who wouldn't love that face!!

LeeAnn said...

Congrats to Macey! It was good to see you guys at Megan reception even though it was a short "see". I wish that I has had my camera handy when Emma gave Megan the big hug that she did! It was so sweet!

Jana said...

Yay Macey!