Monday, October 10, 2011

The Day The Plague Came To Stay. . .

Garry is convinced that our house is under the influence of some plague. . .and I am starting to believe him.

We struggled over the last two weeks to get Macey feeling better after battling croup and then pink eye.

During the same time Braden has been battling a little congestion and an ear infection. He is on his second medication to make the ear infection go away -- it has been slow to clear. It has been a challenge as some nights he is up over seven times a night.

This weekend Molly got a really bad cold and pink eye and Emma developed a pink eye that was not reacting to a prescription and so Garry had to take her into the doctor this morning for a different prescription.

And on Thursday Braden goes in for tests because the doctor is concerned that he has a strong left hand preference at a time when he should be using both hands equally.

The plague has landed. . .there's not enough Clorox in the world. . .and we're only in October!

3 comments: said...

Just stop sending the kids to church and school and they'll be fine

Jana said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear the plague has landed at your house. We've had strep and pink eye, too. I totally agree with Tara. :)Hope everyone is feeling better!

Stephanie said...

No!!! Poor you! That is horrible, I hope that it all clears up soon.