Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend!

A few months ago Garry asked what kind of family we were going to be. At his work and in the neighborhood, there seems to be families that go boating frequently. They are boating families. Then there are camping families. The families who would go three wheeling. The cabin families. What kind of family were we going to be? What was our thing?

Apparently this year we became a soccer family. Garry coached Emma's and Macey's teams and Emma would also attend Academy Soccer and Goalie Training. It became quite a commitment.

But Macey's last game was Monday and Emma's was yesterday. We are all done with soccer until March! Woohoo! Goodbye, old friend. See you in five months.

3 comments: said...

I think you should gvie basketball a chance-it's indoors

Nina said...

What about indoor soccer? We don't EVER get a break from soccer. Good thing we LOVE it!!

LeeAnn said...

Enjoy the breather! Other activities will come faster than you think to fill in the gap!