Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes I Think About. . .

I feel like I have been exposed to everything but the plague. Macey was sick a little last week and then on Friday I heard her wheezing after she woke up. She also had a deep cough and a raspy voice. I took her into the doctor where she was treated for croup.

Braden has not been his normal, happy self. He has been waking up a lot at night, some nights he would wake up 7 times before 2 AM. Not that I counted. I took him to the doctor where he was treated for an ear infection.

This morning I woke Macey up and she complained about 'stuff' on her eyelashes. I looked at her red eye, surrounded by gunk, with a thick eye lid, and I realized that she had pink eye. Back to the doctor we go. . .

During all of this, I have been battling my own cold symptoms: a sore throat, a cough, congestion. . .

In times like this, I think about:

  • Sick Days. Remember sick days? Remember calling into work sick and hanging out on the couch in pajamas, watching Oprah? Remember not having to get off the couch for anything except to maybe go to the bathroom? Awesome.

  • Sleep. Remember when you could go to bed at night and know that nothing, nothing would wake you up before the alarm went off? Awesome.

  • Good thing I love being a Mom. Good thing I love watching Emma score in a soccer game, watching Macey run to the school bus with her bookbag swinging from side to side because she's so excited to go to school, hearing Molly tell me "Oh, shanks Mom! " when I give her a sippy of chocolate milk, and hearing Braden laugh for no apparent reason. Good thing because sometimes sick days sound . . .well. . .awesome.