Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kickin' It

To say that Garry and the girls have been busy this summer with soccer would be a sad, sad understatement. Garry and I decided that we wanted Emma and Macey to be on separate teams for soccer instead of making Macey play up with Emma's age. We wanted to see if Macey did better against kids her own age.

So Garry decided to coach both teams. And he decided to put Emma into Soccer Academy -- kind of like a soccer camp. A really long soccer camp. And now she's in a goalie class.

Right now in the Cunningham house, it's soccer, all the time, nearly every day. But it's good to have the girls outside and running and playing. Winter will be here soon. Too soon. So we'll let the girls be active while they can. Not sure what we'll do in November when it's done -- wait, oh ya, there is school. . . .

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