Thursday, September 1, 2011

The August That Was

Can you believe that I, the superblogger (at least that's what I call myself ;) only posted three blogs in August? It got so bad that even Garry hinted that he uploaded new pictures onto the computer and so I could take a look at them. . .maybe blog about them. . .

August was busy. I started teaching again at Neumont University, and I still do a little work for my brother-in-law. And somewhere during the day I take my kids on an outing to keep them from going a wee bit stir crazy. Days have consisted of kids and work.

I have also had family members get sick and family members going through hard times. I have discovered that I am not a heavy-hearted blogger. But I have great hopes for September!!!

1 comment:

Tina said...

You were missed . . . . glad you are busy though, it is the best way to be . . . . sorry for the heavy hearted stuff . . . . hopefully things get better in that category.