Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pioneer Day!!!. . .A Little Late

A few days ago. . .okay, it might almost be 'weeks' now, we celebrated Pioneer Day! The actual "day" was on Sunday, and so we celebrated on Monday. We took the girls up to This Is The Place Monument and tried to explain what Pioneer Day is and why it is important.
We spend most of the day in Park City. I took Macey down the Alpine Slide. The attendant was giving us directions at the top and he warned us (since there were clouds threatening rain) that if it started raining, we had to pay attention and get off the slide because the brakes did not work in the rain. Macey looked at me and asked, "Momma, you'll pay attention, right?" She did not have to worry, I am a huge wimp on this thing traditionally. But this time I did pass two people on the mountain. Go Me!
Garry took Emma on the roller coaster. They had a great time, and Emma could be heard to scream for miles around. The coaster does not come off the track and so you can just let it ride and hold on!

Molly was able to ride the carousel. Braden rode his stroller.

Next year we will have to try to go to the parade. The girls loved watching it on TV and so I can only imagine that they will love seeing it in person even more.

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