Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet the Teachers!

Before Emma and Macey started school, we met the teachers!! We met Emma's two teachers first. Her morning teacher, Miss Timothy, has a reputation for being strict but good. Her afternoon teacher, Mrs. Bringhurst, is from Taiwan and is Emma's Chinese teacher. Emma spends the morning in English and since she was accepted into the Chinese Immersion Program, she spends the afternoon immersed in Chinese. Mrs. Bringhurst only speaks Chinese to the kids and they are not supposed to know that she can understand English. It's just not an option. Thus the "immersion".

I could see that Miss Timothy runs a tight ship, and I think that Emma will be fine in that environment. She's pretty resiliant. When Mrs. Bringhurst walked into the room, I teared up. It was a silly/embarrassing reaction, but I just knew that Emma was in good hands with this teacher and even though the process would be a little confusing, Emma would be fine.

The next day we met Mrs. Mueller, the new Kindergarten teacher. She was a student teacher last year and had a really good reputation coming in because she received a perfect score during her student teaching, something that had never happened before. So we were excited to meet her.

Sometimes when I meet someone, I associate them with someone I already know and place all of my feelings/prejudices upon that person. Sometimes that serves me well, often it does not. When I met Mrs. Mueller, I instantly thought, wow, it's Sarah. I've known Sarah since college and she is the kindest, most elegantly dignified woman. Again, I just immeditately teared up. Again, I was embarrassed, but I knew that she would take care of my Macey Grace while she had her for three hours a day.


trophyw.blogspot.com said...

I cry ever year on the first day of school. It seems to age them-even more so than b-days

Tina said...

Please keep us updated on the Chinese immersion . . . . . . holy cow!

Kiersten said...

I wish we had something like that Chinese immersion thing, that seems really cool...I'm interested in hearing how it goes.
We are looking forward to meeting our teachers soon.