Thursday, August 4, 2011

Her Big Day

Macey has always been my little buddy. From the minute that Emma was born, she and her Dad were best buds, so when I had Macey, I was excited to finally have a little buddy of my own. My favorite memories of her are from when Emma was just barely three and going to Preschool down in Waldorf. Macey and I would drop off Emma at 8:00 (crazy early, what was I thinking, especially considering it took 15 minutes to drive there?????) and then we would go to Target for a little while until the gym down the street from Emma's preschool would open.

I would be in my workout clothes, and I would take little Macey in her little sweats. So cute. She was always so good and never had any problems in Kids Club -- unlike a certain little sister who screamed her head off for the first 18 months we went.

Then it was time for Emma to go to another Preschool called First Flight. During orientation, Emma and Macey both played in the school area. I expected Macey to be overwhelmed and a little scared. She LOVED it and I signed her up, too, four months later. She loves to learn. She loves to play. So it makes sense that she loved all things preschool.

I realized this week with Macey starting Kindergarten, I was losing my little buddy. So I decided to go out with a bang. She was able to play her favorite Wii game for far too long, she had a popsicle, we went to McDonald's where she got a Smurf Happy Meal, we went to Target where she picked out a toy, and we went to the bookstore where we had a hot chocolate and a piece of chocolate cake and then she got to pick out a book. We declared it her "Day of Fun".

At the bookstore, she picked out a Cars 2 book. I winced a little and then bought Little Women, Secret Garden, and Anne of Green Gables behind her back. They are small little versions called "Classic Starts". Love them. And one day, so will she.

Upon leaving the bookstore, Macey hugged me and thanked me for "the best day ever". But, easy come, easy go as when her Dad asked her how her day was, she answered "Fine". And then she wondered how her friends "Day of Fun" was because surely all Moms did this. Sigh. Sometimes, you just cannot win.

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Moms don't seem to get a lot of credit-we do get lots of blame :)