Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Games We Play. . .

Today I find myself in a very odd spot. . .with not much to do. I do a little work (usually 2-5 hours a day) for a small company here in South Jordan, and I do a little work for a law firm (usually 6 hours a week) and I am teaching Intellectual Property Law again. But I have not received much work this week from the small company, and the person who sends me work from the law firm is on vacation, and I finished up a lot of the details for Intellectual Property Law last night. . .so, here I sit.

It's a great day to tackle cleaning the house. But, I also have a book I'd like to read. So I break it into a game. I read a chapter, I clean a room, I read a chapter, I clean a room. It works for me.

My visiting teachers told me about little games they play to get the job done. My friend Danielle pretends that someone is coming over and so she cleans before they come. My friend Desiree cleans thoroughly once a week and she calls it her "House Blessing" day.

Because just tackling the house can be a little overwhelming.

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I've been working on my craft room all week. It's overwhelming, so I reward myself by reading too. Although, I 've read 2 books and the room is still a mess:)