Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bribing the Easter Bunny

Once again there is no over-priced picture with the Easter Bunny because Molly would not get near him. It's sad because this might be the last year the older girls are interested in seeing him as well because I heard them talking in the van about how they thought it was someone in a suit. It's sad to see unadulterated childhood ending.

But Molly was in a Catch-22 as she had to tell the Easter Bunny what she wanted but would not go near him. So, while her sisters were putting in their requests personally, Molly just yelled at the top of her capable lungs from a safe distance: I Want A Barbie!

The night before Easter the girls laid out snacks and water. Perfect for a bunny.
And apparently it worked. . .

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your bunny brings some good stuff.