Friday, April 8, 2011

Braden's First Trip to the E.R.

I know that boys are more active, and I should expect more accidents and trips to the E.R., but 9 days old is a little ridiculous.

Poor little guy. Wednesday night he was up and a little weepy. He has his days and nights mixed up and is often up at night (lucky me!) but he rarely cries. We thought maybe he had a bad bubble he could not get rid of.

Thursday morning I was changing his diaper and noticed that his belly button had come off and that the little cap from his circumcision was trying to come off but was stuck. He was obviously uncomfortable, and so I told Garry to take him to the nearby E.R. It's a Kindercare E.R. which means that they always have a pediatrician on duty. It's very nice and very clean and very quick.

And they very would not see Braden. They said we had to take him back to the pediatrician who did it. I have never heard of an E.R. refusing to see a patient -- I was a little shocked.

Garry took poor little Braden to the pediatrician's office and sat in the waiting room until one of the pediatricians would see him (our pediatrician does not work on Thursdays). Two pediatricians later, they were able to help our poor little guy.

3 comments: said...

Sorry-hope he's all better

Tina said...

smiling . . . . mother of three boys here! He was probably fine egh??? I know . . . . I worried too!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Poor little guy!