Thursday, September 14, 2023

Changes and Changes and Changes September 2023

For over a year now my dad has seen visions of people coming into his home, staring at him, sometimes poking him, and then leaving. It scares him, leaves him a little upset for the day. I've tried to explain to my dad that he cannot see and so whatever he can see "clearly" is not real. He usually accepts that explanation for a little while but last time when the strange man poked him he told me, "Well, the poke certainly felt real!"

Two nights ago he saw a young man in his room, but he didn't scare him or poke him. He smiled before leaving.

It's interesting to think that it was my grandfather, perhaps warning him that he'd be back for him soon. Although I think a truly benevolent spirit would just let the poor man sleep. 

In any case, we are relieved that this visit was friendly. 

Things are also hard with Emma gone. I miss my girl. I'm excited for her but still am also so very sad. I'm also confused as to why my kids don't miss her more! They seem to be quite content with her gone, and I wonder if I did something wrong if they're fine without a sibling?

And yesterday Izzy went with her breeder to have her second litter of puppies. She's been a little stinker lately, having accidents in the house. It's time to thoroughly clean the carpets, maybe get new carpet in the basement, and clean while she is gone.

Changes and changes and changes. I'm not very good with them.

Happy Birthday Macey 2023

Happy happy birthday Macey!

So having a snow day on your birthday is kind of awesome, but you had a fun field trip scheduled today so I know it’s not the day you wanted.

When you were born you were a scheduled c-section with a planned morning arrival, but the hospital was small and really busy. The nurse warned us that things may not go as planned.

Rough start, but you were perfect. The nurses loved to check on you because you were tiny and perfect.

And that’s this year! Not the ideal start but this is your year to dance and get into crazy competitive medical programs and research schools and make crazy soda concoctions because you are still perfect, and we love you!

Raising Daughters 2023

I got two separate texts from two different daughters within about two minutes. One asked me to go with her after school to sign some paperwork and offered to buy me a treat on the way home. A different daughter asked me to send her a picture of my signature so she could do a good job forging it at school. Honestly, how am I supposed to parent within these two extremes?!?!

Dances and Dance Recitals 2023

Macey was able to go to Prom in April with a friend from one of her classes. She looked beautiful and had a good time!

Speaking of dancing, Spring was able competition season for UDA. We were lucky and a lot of the competitions were local so Macey was able to drive herself, dance, stay for awards and come home. It was a lot less drama than previous seasons. 

Except for one competition. This one was in Farmington, and Macey was not expected to finish until midnight.

It was a crazy night. We stopped to eat, I took Molly to do a little shopping until the stores closed, and then we watched a lot of dance. And oh ya, it was snowing outside. Sigh.

But Macey looked beautiful.

Happy Birthday Braden March 29, 2023

 Happy Birthday to B! When he was little I used to hold his hand in the parking lot or store and say, “I like it when you hold my hand!” And he’d answer and say, “I like it when you hold MY hand!”

The other day I reached for his hand and he carefully redirected it back to me. That's fair. I had a good run!

B is FUNNY and always up for a board game or video game or a trip or swimming with sharks or a new restaurant or basically anything but school. He loves his dogs and hats and friends and almost all of his sisters. We love him!!

Izzy's First Litter

 Izzy had four puppies in her first litter. Two girls, two boys. The girls were merle and the boys were tri-colored. They were BEAUTIFUL. One buyer pulled out so we were able to keep Baby Roo when we brought Izzy home. Baby Roo was such a good dog. Smart and playful. Got a little mean and bitey before naps. We loved him.

Easter 2023

 Easter season came with one more opportunity for my kids to go see the Easter bunny (such good sports) and for one more epic family dinner and Easter egg hunt.