Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Sad Day

Molly has a couple of cute -isms. She calls Snow White "Snow Wipe". Which is adorable. We really should correct her, but it's just too darn cute.
And then there's Lucky Charms. She calls that cereal "marshmellows" but cannot really say marshmellow and so instead she just asks for "funfinoodles". It's impossible to understand unless you know her. How can Lucky Charms be "funfinoodles". Well, it can, and it has for months.
But today I asked the girls what they wanted for breakfast. Molly asked for "Lucky Charms". No more "funfinoodles". I was so sad. My little girl has figured out Lucky Charms. Snow Wipe will be next, and it will be devastating.


Tales of a Trophy WIfe said...

Scott would always want to correct our kids, but I love when they make up their own names. It's just too cute.

LeeAnn said...

I knew the day that each of my kids quit saying "lellow" for yellow that all the cuteness was gone.

Kiersten said...

Yep, I'm all for not correcting them.
Snow Wipe is so darn cute.
Isaac used to call R2D2 2D2D, we loved that and then any other star wars character was darthskyquigon :)
...and of course every monday night we had hamily foam evening!

Jessica said...

I feel you. Asher and Soren said 'inja' for ninja until their 'friend' sternly told them that they were saying it wrong. Now they say boring old ninja. Boo.