Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I truly consider it a tender mercy that when I was having a really hard time with writing for that law firm I was receiving great feedback from my other two writing jobs. I have been sent more work recently, and, honestly, it's for the best that I do not have that job anymore because I just do not have time for it.

Writing for the Intermountain Commercial Record in particular has placed me far outside of my comfort zone. I am not a big phone talker. Okay, I can and have talked to Stephanie for hours at a time, but that is unusual. I always assume that I am taking someone away from something that they would rather be doing and talking on the phone is just not my thing.

But now, I have to call complete strangers and ask them to talk to me. On the record. As I take notes. I have had to call attorneys, state congressmen, state senators, mayors, business owners. It's been a challenge for me.

I hope one day I can make a phone call like it was no big deal but for now I am definitely out of my comfort zone.


LeeAnn said...

Here's to those opportunities that do take us outside the "zones" in our lives. It will get easier. After 4 years I am still not quite comfortable with calling complete strangers. Maybe in another 4 I will feel differenly:-)

Trish and Matt said...

You know what they say ... there's no growth in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growth zone!

Stephanie said...

Ahh! That doesn't sound fun. We need to have a long talk again soon! And we need to actually follow through with our girls night!

Happy Valentine's Day lady! I hope Garry does something extra special for you today!