Saturday, January 14, 2012


One of my favorite events in December is attending Garry's work party for the kids. They do such a great job! There are crafts for all of the kids, great food, and each parent brings in a present for Santa to give their children so the kids think that they are getting a present from Saint Nick himself.

We were afraid that they might not have it this year and were so relieved when they announced the date! Wahoo! I dressed the kids up, made sure their hair looked nice, and we were off!

Okay, but one thing. . .the Santa. His beard kept falling down. He had to hold it up with his hand. Even the little, little kids knew something was up. But they were excited to get their presents anyway!

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Jana said...

When Billy was small, he asked me about the different Santas he saw. I told him that since Santa can't be everywhere, he has helpers. Of course it helps when the helpers have real beards. :)