Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now Pass That Pie!

This year for Thanksgiving many members of my family came here to South Jordan. Nine of us decided to participate in The Human Race, a race to benefit the local Utah Food Bank, but I wish that they would pick a different name. It sounds too much like The Human Fund from a Seinfeld episode. My Mom participated in the 5K walk and did great!

My friend Shauna joined us on the 5K race. I am glad that she was there as the rest of my family is much faster than I am, and it would have been a lonely 3.2 miles. Shauna and I improved our Halloween 5K time by 30 seconds. Go us!

After the race, I headed home and started on some pies! And I did not feel the least bit guilty about eating a lot! I had run off a lot of calories and looked forward to taking them all back.

Emma was happy that our chocolate pie was devoured first. She thought that it was a competition between the Moms and her Mom won. It's awesome having a cheering section.

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Jana said...

I was thinking the same thing -- Seinfeld. :) or the mascot from Community is the Human. I think I would be more inclined to walk, but it's cool that you are out there running. Are you working up to marathons?