Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good & Bad

In June of 2009 , the last time that we went to Disneyland, Emma was selected in the Jedi Training Course. She and her cousin Trey were selected this time, and they did a great job! In 2009, Emma was too scared to battle Darth Vader, but this time she took him on! And won!

Macey did not get selected, and it made her cry. Kids should never cry at Disneyland; it broke my heart because she's such a good girl. That's why this is a good memory and a bad one -- excited for Emma, proud of Emma, sad for Macey.


LeeAnn said...

One of the hardest lessons in life to learn. That of not getting picked/given what we want/desire. Still trying to grasp that concept myself and I'm wayyyyyyy older that Macey!! said...

Poor Macey. In Florida, they just let you wait in line and you got to go. We waited for almost an hour, but it was so worth it.