Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Know Flynn. . .And You're No Fylnn

While I was taking the girls on the carousel ride at Disney, I saw a huge line forming over near the Snow White ride. I told Garry to go investigate -- I bet it had something to do with Rapunzel.

Sure enough, it was the line to get to go in the tower and meet Rapunzel. I stood in line while Garry took the girls on the Dumbo ride and through Sleeping Beauty's castle. One lady walked up and asked the line attendants what this "ride" was. She answered it was to meet the characters from Tangled. "What's Tangled?" she asked. And I thought, 'wowzer lady, you and I lead very, very different lives".

Rapunzel was very nice to the girls, but I was disappointed in Flynn. He was a little short. And hairy.

Macey gave Rapunzel a flower. It was fun.

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