Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good Luck With MY Socks, Today!

With three girls only four years apart, mistakes are frequently made in the laundry room.  I cannot help it.  It's nearly impossible to remember who wears what -- especially in regard to socks!

But I guess Molly had some blue socks with little birds on them.  And I guess she liked them.  And I guess I washed them.  And I guess they ended up in Emma's sock drawer.  And I guess Emma wore them this morning.  And I guess that Molly had a few things to say about that at breakfast.

I thought that we were over it until we were dropping off Emma & Macey at school.

"Good luck with MY socks, today!" Molly yelled happily out the door before it closed.

She's a wee bit passive aggressive.  Even about socks.

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