Friday, March 20, 2015

Farewell to Diapers

In June I thought that we would try to potty train Braden.  THE WORST PART OF PARENTING.  EVER!

Not my favorite, but he was over three and starting preschool in just a few short months.

Oh my goodness!  He had so many accidents!  I would pump him full of yummy drinks and sit on the potty with him.  He wouldn't go and wouldn't go.  So I'd let him leave the bathroom and he would PEE EVERYWHERE!

What?!?!  Why?!?!  After a few days, we were finally figuring things out and I promised that if he stayed dry we would go to the mall and ride the train.

He was great!  Success!  We rode the train!  He peed his pants five times after we got home.

Finally I promised him a fish.  If he would stay dry for a full day, we would go to the store and get a fish.  He did great and picked out a little goldfish: shark, shark.  Best $1.99 ever.

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