Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Things Utah

On Tuesday, January 28th, I had the opportunity to go on Good Things Utah.  Preparing for the show was a lot of fun.  I was able to go to the store and pick out a shirt (okay, three shirts, none of which I ended up wearing), and I bought the books that I wanted to talk about on the show.

I woke up really early in the morning because I had to be at the studio by 8:30, and you just cannot be late for Live TV.  I was not the first one there.  The chef for the cooking segment beat me to the green room, which, by the way, is yellow.

The process was a little overwhelming.  I repeated myself a lot, spoke with my hands too many times, and I do not think that my hair was fabulous.

But, they asked me to come back, so maybe it is something that will go better with time and experience??

Here is a picture of the prop I took in.  I called it Happiness In A Basket because it truly is that.

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