Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watching The Clock

My kids have been off-track for the last two weeks.  Since we attend a year-round school, they get these three week breaks throughout the school year.  In the November break we go to Disneyland.  In the February break we do swimming lessons.  In the May break . . .in the May break. . .  Okay, I have not figured that one out.  But, this time around we have just tried to stay busy but keep time open to play with friends and enjoy the nice weather we have gotten lately.  During the last little bit we have gone to This Is The Place Monument & Village, we went to the Zoo, we've had art classes, we've taken long walks, we've gone to the pool. . .we try to stay busy.

But, mostly, I watch the clock.

Garry gets home everyday around 5:35, and my sanity seems to hinge on this exact time.  If he's early, heaven is smiling upon me.  If he's late, life is grossly unfair and too overwhelming.  Sometimes I feel like a the captain of a military brigade, waiting for reenforcements while being bombarded on all sides!!  Maybe around 5:00, for the sanity of all those involved, I should just stop ignore the clock! 

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

What's every mother's favorite sound? The sound of the garage door opening.