Friday, May 4, 2012

The Adventure That Is Molly

Molly is only three. . .but she's smart.  I do not know if she is "book smart" yet as she has not started school.  But, dang, this girl is street smart.

Relationships are sometimes tough when three girls are involved.  Especially now that we are off-track and the girls are spending a lot of time together.

In general, they really get along.  But the tension is always there.  And they find subtle ways to get under each other's skin.  Something that I cannot yell at them for.

Take yesterday.  I am not a fan of potty humor in general, so please forgive me.  But this is very funny.

Yesterday Molly was taking a potty break and Macey decided that she needed to use the bathroom.  Right then.  Right, right then.  And though we have four bathrooms in the house, she decided she needed to use the one that Molly was in.  IMMEDIATELY.

With this little piece of knowledge, there was NO WAY Molly was releasing her throne.  She was there.  And she was going to stay there.  A long time.  However long it took.

While Macey was squirming and whimpering outside the door, Molly tried yelling out some encouragement.  "Sorry, Mace!"  she yelled.  "Sorry that you cannot use the potty.  You know, I'm just slow."

Yeah, I wasn't buying it either.

But there Molly sat.  And there she kept the conversation up.

"So," my little three year old asked.  "Do you need to go pee-pee or poo-poo?"

After about seven minutes, Macey finally gave up and used a bathroom upstairs.  And guess who was finally done?

Again, she is only three.  I'm a little impressed.  And a little scared.

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LeeAnn said...

You are right. She is one smart cookie!