Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks to the Coach!

Garry's second season of being a soccer coach is at a close. His first team was unstoppable and they won each and every game by a landslide.

This team was a little more. . .well, they gave the competition more of a chance. Lots of chances. And sometimes they even let the competition win. By a lot.

They were the green lizards, and they got better during the year! They ended the season with a win -- hooray!

Garry's next soccer season will be more of a challenge. He's coaching Emma's all girl team, taking Emma twice a week to Soccer Academy, and coaching Macey's team as well. Since Macey will be playing with kids her own age next season, we have great hopes!

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Kiersten said...

What a good dad :)
Sounds like next season is going to be busy.