Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Run Girl Run!

Emma's school had a fundraiser called a Fun Run this year. All of the sudents were supposed to collect donations and then run a course around the school yard and community. It was about 1/4 mile.

I sent Emma to school with her donation and permission slip and since Garry had the day off and his Mom was here visiting, I suggested that they go and watch her run, especially since the school had asked for volunteers to cheer the kids on and make sure they stayed on course.

Now, Garry has always expressed concern over his soccer kids saying that they complain that they are tired and will sometimes ask to be out of the game. Thy lack endurance and stamina. Sometimes even Emma and Macey are happy to sit it out on the sidelines. So I was not sure how Emma would do with an actual race and called Garry to see how it went.

"Did she do okay?" I asked.

"Define Okay," he answered.

"Did it look like she was having fun?" I asked.

"Because if you define okay as having won the race, she did okay."

That's right! Emma won her first race and even beat those yucky boys. Go girl!


LeeAnn said...

Yeah Emma! I remember beating a boy in a race when I was in 5th grade. He hated me for years after that. What a sore looser! Hope Emma doesn't encounter any of those!

Kiersten said...

Wohoo! Go Emma :)

Grammy said...

She not only won, beating out ALL the boys (and girls, of course) in all the kindergarden classes, but she won by a landslide!! Way to go Emma!!!

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Stephanie said...

Go Emma!

Tina said...

woo hoo!

What a goof Garry is . . . "define okay"!!!! Too funny!