Thursday, May 19, 2011

Talking In Circles

When people ask me how the girls are adapting to having Braden around, I laugh, and then I kind of groan. They are adapting a little too well. Especially Molly.

Oh, how she loves to sneak up on him while he is sleeping and yell "BOO!" It's apparently the best gig around. She also loves to force his pacifier (lovingly called pinky) down his throat. Yesterday, while I was washing the dishes I caught her feeding him an old, old bottle. Still not sure how he did not spew after that experience.

She loves to wake him up and when I scold her for waking Braden, she looks at me with her blue, blue eyes and says, "Mama, baby awake!" In other words, I did not do anything wrong, he's clearly awake.

To which I respond, "Well, he is NOW."

We have this conversation sometimes 10 times a day.

Braden is a mellow, serious lad, and I desperately need him to smile, for my own benefit and also I need feedback on the "Molly Situation". Does she stress him out? Or does he find her hilarious? I cannot tell yet, but I know that she's stressing me out. Good thing she's so darn cute or I would be looking for a boarding school that accepts two year olds.

1 comment: said...

Im sure he'll grow up well-adjusted, but spoiled by his 3 sisters