Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Economics Genius

Every morning after she gets dressed and I brush her hair, Emma dutifully makes her bed, brushes her teeth, and grabs her backpack. She's very obedient.

Then there's Macey. . .everything with her in the morning is a battle. EVERYTHING. So, I started a new rule: no television until she went to the bathroom, got dressed and made her bed.

This morning she refused. It was all just "too hard" and she did not want to. Fine, I told her, then no television.

So she honed in on what economists describe as the "free rider" problem. Knowing that Emma had done everything she was supposed to this morning, she said she would just wait until Emma got home and watch whatever Emma was allowed to watch.

She's a genius. A punk genius, but a genius nonetheless.


Kiersten said...

She's a smart one, maybe you should make her stay in her room while Emma watches :)

Garry Cunningham said...

I love it!!!!!!! I can laugh because I don't have to deal with it. I'm sure you can out smart her; at least for a little while longer. It's.your turn now. I'll be waiting to see what happens next