Monday, December 10, 2012

Wear Them Out!

The worst thing about Halloween costumes, I think, is the price.  Even the cheap ones can run about $20, and that is before you start adding on the accessories.  So I have a guiding rule in October: wear them out!  Get your best bang for the buck and participate in all types of Halloween activities. 

This month we started with going to Little Haunts at This Is The Place Monument.  You could trick or treat at the buildings and there was a parade led by the witch.  And the kids still got to pan for gold, ride horses and ride the train.  We love that place.

We're sitting with my niece Chloe for story time with the witch.

We also go to the Search For The Great Pumpkin night in Riverton.  There are carnival games and then a candy hunt outside in the dark.  That part is a little stressful.  The first year we went we did not know what to expect and did not get a single piece of candy.  This is our third year.  We are now pros, and the kids found too much candy!  This year Emma and her best friend both dressed up like Hermoine.

Molly found the great pumpkin!

Molly had a party at preschool.  They all took gifts to exchange.  This was the only wrapping paper I had, and the boy refused to take it.  So she came home with the same gift.  Good thing she liked it!

And, oh ya, we trick or treat.  This year Macey's best friend joined us as well.

Braden was usually a good sport with his costume even agreeing to wear the hat at times.

We also went to Boo at the Zoo.  Crazy and crowded but the kids have fun!

Wear them out!!!


Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

That's sure is one cute little monkey:)

Kiersten said...

You got a lot of use out of your costumes, and your kids looked so cute too :)