Monday, November 26, 2012

It's So Great To Be Eight!

We had a great time celebrating Emma's eighth birthday!  Actually, it was more than a day.  It was actually pretty much a week.  Before her birthday she received the Dragon Leader award.  And then the next day she had a special VIP time in her classroom where she was able to make a poster and share with her second grade class some things about her and what she liked.

I picked her up early from school, and we went to the bookstore to have our customary hot cocoa at the cafe and so she could pick out a book.  She picked one on drawing, of course.  Then we met up with Garry and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  She was able to sit on the saddle while the staff sang happy birthday.  It was fun!

She came home to quite a loot of gifts!

And a few days later she had a birthday party with friends.  We borrowed a projector from my sister, and they watched Barbie Princess and the Popstar on the huge basement wall with popcorn and pizza and a pinata.  Fun times had by all!

And the next day she got her ears pierced!  She has waited and waited for this for a long time and took it like a champ!  She did not even cry!  

We love Emma!

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Kiersten said...

Happy Birthday to Emma!
Anna will be getting her ears pierced for her birthday too :)