Friday, October 12, 2012

The Blessing Of Little Worries

Lately I have been surrounded by little worries.

We have had some water from the upstairs bathroom damage a patch of our ceiling.  It has leaked through the ceiling and damaged some of the drywall in our family room ceiling.  I have talked to four plumbers and had two come to the house -- no one can really tell where the water is coming from.  And the plumber that came by yesterday was convinced we probably had mold.  He warned it would cost thousands of dollars and the area would be quarantined for days.  I had a water remediation expert come this morning.  No permanent water damage.  No mold.  Needless to say, that plumber is not my favorite person.  The water remediation expert suggested we patch the area, paint it, and just recaulk around the bathtub really well.  So instead of being out $2,000 it looks like I am out $10.  We still do not know what definitely caused the initial damage, but I guess we'll just continue to watch it!

I have also had problems with Comcast.  Everyday for a few minutes I lose Internet and phone service. It used to just happen once a day.  Now it happens around four times a day.  It has gone on for three months.  We've placed multiple phone calls and had three home visits.  We'll have another one on Monday.  It's pretty annoying.

I feel that Emma is overloaded with her activities, Macey is not getting enough time to play with her friends, Molly is not having enough fun during the day, and Braden is into everything and has me pulling out my hair by 9 AM.  Early nap, anyone?

But I realized today that the fact that I am able to dwell on these little worries is a sign that I do not have any big ones.  Because when big ones come around, there's no time to worry about the small stuff.  So thank goodness for annoying little worries!  Sometimes the small stuff stinks as well, but I am trying really hard not to sweat it!

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Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

How's that working for you? It's the small stuff that drives me the most crazy. We had Comcast in MD and it drove me crazy. My phone would just always hang up on everyone.