Monday, September 10, 2012

Molly's Big Day!

 It is impossible for me to put into a single blog how much I love Molly.  Truly, I just love this little girl.  Even though she is a lot of work.  Some days I pray and ask for help because I just do not have enough energy to be Molly's Mom that day.

My favorite words to hear are when she talks to the mirror: "Hello, Gorgeous!" Our favorite act is when she hides behind the couch and jumps out to yell, "Surprise! Happy Birthday!" which she does everyday, and not just on birthdays.  It makes everyday special.  My favorite sound in the WORLD is the sound of her saying "Yay!"  She does it when she is happy or excited, and it is the best.

So I was very excited for her to start preschool.  She just needs to be more active and engaged than I can provide for her.  She attends Bright Child Preschool with all of the other little kids in the neighborhood.  After the first day, she ran outside and said that they were going to learn the letter "M"! I should be so excited to learn everyday.

My sister came and helped Molly get ready and do her nails, and after school we all went out for ice cream.

Molly, you will do amazing in school because you are simply amazing.  It's who you are.  It's what you do.  I love you.

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Grammy T said...

Molly is AMAZING, and she is so smart. Molly loves to sing, and I love to listen to her. She will do great in school. I love, love, love Molly!